Using the Paragolfer by Cody Dionne


Cody Dionne

I became interested in using the paragolfer when my physiotherapist suggested I try it. She knew I had an interest in golfing with my dad and grandpa, but I was never able to fully participate. She told me the machine was just like a power chair with the hand controls, but what made it special was it’s all terrain four- wheeler ability and it was also able to stand me up straight like a regular golfer. I thought was amazing. I immediately said yes and asked when I could try it. She told me it was at Lakeridge Links and to contact Bruce’s Golf Rewards. So, that week I called the shop and made an appointment as part of my therapy. I asked how much it was to rent and much to my surprise they said it was free to use. I thought that was so kind of Bruce’s Golf Rewards and that is the main reason I continue to return, namely because of their genuine hospitality and because I love golfing. 

The first time I used the Paragolfer, I went to the course with my dad and my physiotherapist. When I arrived, I entered the shop and was greeted by Jerry, who introduced me to Ben. Ben set me up adjusting the chair starting with the knee brace, which keeps your knees in place. Then he adjusted the two chest straps, which keeps me from falling out. After that, I was ready to go! It was that easy. He told me that he can mark the chair for the next time I used it. That’s pretty cool! I told Ben I had no clubs and he let me borrow some. Now that I was ready to go, I drove the cart down the path and onto the grass. When I first was able to push the button to stand up, it felt awesome! I was finally golfing. Although I only go to the driving range, I was still able to hit the ball with one swing. The Paragolfer hasthe ability to golf a full 18 holes but I’m slowly working my way towards that goal.

Before if I wanted to golf, I would have never been able to, but because of the Paragolfer and the generosity of Bruce’s Golf Rewards, especially Jerry and Ben, now I can! So in closing, I would like to say look out for me on the course because I will be back, but most importantly THANK YOU it really is appreciated.

Thanks again for Sunday Ben, I always enjoy golfing with my Dad.

Corey Dionne


Another Amazing Story

Testimonial regarding Para-golfer

I have had the pleasure of using the Para-golfer on several occasions over the last two golf seasons. Because of my disability I thought that golf would be an activity that I would never be able to appreciate. However, the Para-golfer has given me the opportunity to enjoy the game with my Father, Brothers and Nephew. Like all beginners there is a learning curve to playing the game but the Para-golfer gives me the opportunity to use my strengths while limiting my weaknesses. I have come to enjoy golf as a family activity and appreciate the fact that I am still learning this great game. I would like to thank those individuals that have made the  Para-golfer available to people with disabilities. This is one more barrier that has been eliminated.



Scott James Allardyce

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